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How I Became a Playwright by Lillian Nader


Pandora, A Musical Comedy

All readers are welcome here. I write about writing and my journey as a writer.

It all started when I moved to California after an enlightening psychic reading. Once in California, I took a script writing class. While copying my notes in the waiting room at the South Bay Free Clinic in Torrance, I noticed someone watching me. With as much flair as I could muster, I wrote Script Writing at the top of the page. Larry Marino was the gentleman sitting next to me, watching as I wrote.

“Oh, you’re a writer,” he said, extending his hand. “Welcome to the realm of the impoverished!”

“You’re a writer too,” I said. We shook hands.

This was the beginning of what became the collaboration of our musical comedy, Pandora.

Larry had some songs and the idea of writing a musical about Pandora, but he wanted someone else to write the book. I researched myths about Pandora, learning that she was created by the gods to be the wife of Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus. I decided to include the story of Prometheus, the titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. Larry accommodated by writing appropriate songs. In fact, Larry was a joy to work with because whenever I came to a point that needed a song, Larry would write one.

He wrote the lyrics and could sing the songs, but Larry didn’t know how to write music. Gene Casey, a friend from my home town, was hired to write the musical score for the songs tape recorded by Larry. We obtained copyright for Pandora with the Library of Congress in 1991.

Although Larry has made the transition called death, I am determined to see Pandora alive and well on the theater stage!


About the author: Lillian Nader, M.Ed. is currently writing a YA science fiction novel entitled Theep and Thorpe. She is the published author of educational workbooks and the librettist of the musical, Pandora. Lillian is a retired teacher who does part time tutoring and freelance copy editing at reasonable rates. She can be reached at [email protected].