“Better to be corrected privately by your editor than publicly in a review.”  Lillian Nader, copyeditor

What Is Copyediting and Who Needs It?

Have you finished writing the first draft of a book, short story, or blog article?

Are you writing a thesis?

Do you need assistance with the text of your website?

You may have written excellent content, but as the writer, you need a second pair of eyes to do the proofreading and editing. Authors usually miss errors because they know what they intend to say and their brains fill in the details.

Here’s what I can do as your Copyeditor:

  • Fix punctuation errors
  • Help with correct word choice or misuse
  • Point out inconsistent tense of verbs
  • Find dropped words in your typing
  • Check sentence structure
  • Work with clarity, consistency, and repetition
  • Check for active voice

Book Blurb Editing

Do you have a book to publish? Send the rough draft of your book cover description, and I’ll fine tune and polish it for you.

Help potential readers decide to buy your book with an accurate and appealing book cover description.

I am available for editing services to help polish your writing.

Prices are reasonable and based on the complexity of the project.

Contact me at [email protected]


“I was very fortunate to find Lillian Nader for my editing needs. Her attention to detail is excellent.  I know I can relax and am in good hands when I turn my writing over to her. She has a gentle way of correcting my errors and educating to help me be a better writer. Lillian is a gifted writer and can instantly see where a story can be improved. Her help and expertise is invaluable.”

Heather Rivera, RN, JD, PhD. Author of Quiet Water, Maiden Flight, and Ultreia (Golden Raven Series), Twice Again, and Healing the Present from the Past for adults, and The Prism Walker Series and Loheea Enchanted Series for young readers.

“I’d like to thank the Publisher’s and Writer’s group of Orange County (PWOC), who encouraged me through the process of getting this book into print and provided numerous resources and connections. I met my knowledgeable and capable editor, Lillian Nader, at PWOC and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect match for my personality. Lillian honed, corrected, and drew out of me, the vision I had of Mazy and Snub so that my readers could really imagine their world.”

Martha Ramsey, Author of Mazy and Snub: Adventures in Gravity.

“Without Lillian’s help, my book would never have made it past the writing stage. She works in a timely and efficient manner and was quick to answer whatever questions I had. My experience with her as my editor is one that I am truly grateful for, and I will definitely be calling her for my future projects.”

Josh Pederson, author of Vendetta Dark (2015) and Congratulations, You Suck (2019)

“I would like to take this time to thank Lillian Nader for the excellent job that she did in helping me complete my dissertation.  Her editing skills were so “right on” and my paper came back without any red marks whatsoever and it passed on my first submission.  Lillian was extremely helpful and wonderful to work with.  She answered all my questions and her editing did not make me feel inadequate where my grammar and punctuation, or the lack thereof was concerned.  It was a complete and joyful pleasure to work with her and I intend on working with her in the future on many more projects.  In my opinion Lillian ranks at the top of the list for editors.  Thank you Lillian for making my paper a complete success!”

Dr. Laura Crawford, RN., BS., MS

“Lillian brings a wealth of education, skills, talent, and dedication to every writing project she encounters. As a beta reader and copy editor for my book, Healing Haikus-A Poetic Prescription for Surviving Cancer, her thoughtful , honest comments and grammatical expertise were invaluable  in bringing my manuscript to fruition.  Her lively, helpful, and often humorous contributions to my expressive writing group add a dimension of depth and warmth that are deeply appreciated by all the participants. You can trust Lillian to help you bring out your best work because she gives you her best.”

Dr. Marjorie Miles, DCH, MFT, Author of Healing Haikus-A Poetic Prescription for Surviving Cancer


“After months or years working on a book, I notice that when it’s time to write the back of book blurb I’m too close to the story to find the words. That’s where Lillian Nader’s skill comes in handy. She’s uses the synopsis to put together a short, intriguing blurb. Lillian gives enough information to pique interest without revealing too much. I’m so appreciative of her work and plan to continue utilizing Lillian’s writing services.”

Heather S. Friedman Rivera R.N., J.D., PhD. Author of Quiet Water, Maiden Flight, and Ultreia (Golden Raven Series), Twice Again, and Healing the Present from the Past for adults, and The Prism Walker Series and Loheea Enchanted Series for young readers.