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Log Line: Pandora is a lively musical comedy that breathes new life into the ancient myths of Pandora’s Box and Prometheus’s Gift of Fire to Mankind.


Pandora opens with “We Are the Gods,” a rousing musical number in which the gods of Olympus introduce themselves. In Scene One, Jupiter calls a meeting with Prometheus, ordering him and Epimetheus to create man. When the Titans become obsessed with their new creation, Jupiter becomes jealous. After he learns Prometheus is planning to bestow the gift of Fire to mankind, Jupiter announces the taboo of Fire upon Earth. Prometheus gives Fire to man anyway, causing him to be chained to a rock.

Pandora is created by the gods as a wife for Epimetheus. One day Pandora’s curiosity leads her to discover a forbidden box in the cellar of their home. Lucifer seizes this opportunity to stir up trouble. He hypnotizes her into believing the box contains beautiful gems and silk garments. After opening the box, Pandora realizes she has been duped by the devil.

Epimetheus rushes to confront Lucifer in his Lair. In a rage, Epimetheus bursts onto the scene, interrupting a wild party in progress. He and Lucifer engage in a heated debate over the virtues of good versus evil. Shaken by her husband’s reaction, Pandora finds solace in a quiet setting where Juno reveals a special purpose to her life: she is to become the mother of  little girls who will become women to procreate the race of man. Pandora seeks out Epimetheus to pursue this mission with ardent determination, and ultimately gives birth to the first baby girl on Earth.

In the finale, Epimetheus and Pandora visit Prometheus who is still bound to the rock. Pandora removes her hairpin to unlock the chains that hold the great Titan. Although many may be familiar with the myth, “Pandora’s Box,” no one has ever seen it set to music as delightfully as in this modern rendition of Pandora.

Listen to

1. Creation of Pandora


2. Listen to Everything


Both “Everything” and “Creation of Pandora” are sung by Arienne Battiste, piano and sound engineering by Rich Eames. Music and lyrics by Larry Marino. © 1991. All Rights Reserved

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