Haiku Poems

Haiku dates back to 16th century Japan, though in the English-speaking world it has only been present for the last 130 years or so. It’s increasingly building up interest in the West, thus nowadays haiku is the most popular form of poetry on the web.
The traditional structure for a haiku poem consists of three lines, with five syllables for the first and third lines and seven syllables for the middle. Although using 5-7-5 is no longer considered to be the rule for haiku in English, it’s still often taught that way to children in school.
Here are some of my haiku poems:

Live each day fully
Love unconditionally
Enjoy each moment!

Regulate “bump stocks”
With common sense maintenance
Of gun laws for all!

I experiment
With elusive dream symbols
To compose poems

Amid Wind’s whispers,
Yellow sun smiles upon us.
Dark clouds float away . . .


My intuition
Is so familiar to me,
I gave her a name

A patch of blue
Adjacent to dark grey sky
The sun peeks through clouds

Thousands march to say
Majority’s not silent
About Women’s Rights

Nation divided
Majority’s strong feelings
Not to be ignored!

Life experience
Informs written expression;
Readers can relate.

Rather than dwell on
Opinions of anyone,
Search your heart for Truth

A happy gecko
Receives blessings of darshan
From Sathya Sai Baba

At Story Expo
Writers explore new concepts
Of ancient art form

Lack of exercise
On a regular basis
Goes straight to my thighs!

Rainbow of hope
Triumphs over tragedy
At 9-11 site

If perfectionist
Tendencies stifle artistry,
Get an editor

 Prayer marathon:
Silent voices joined in one
Magnificent song!

Too much money spent
On self improvement and health
Is good investment

Overflowing hearts
Balanced by incredible
Minds–create magic

Coffee with my friends
Opens portal to greater

Gratitude toward
My expanded family
Thank you Facebook friends!

Extend compassion
Extend generosity
Expand family

Friends and friends of friends
Are all in need of love that’s

The smell of rain
Seems hallucinatory
It has come and gone!

 Golden pollen blows
Into all the air I breathe
No wonder I sneeze!

 Plants naturally lean
Toward sun’s rays despite drought
And abundant heat

Exploring hidden talents
Promotion of gifts

Happiness haiku
  Joy is spread from me to you
Do you do haiku?

Plein air artistry
Catches sunlight’s impressions
Before darkness comes

Promiscuous Muse
Gives herself freely to all
Illusive to me

After three sets of
Fifteen reps on hip abductor,
Legs feel like jello!

On Mother’s Day, 2015, For Matilda Asaff Nader:

A virtual rose
In vivid memory of
Mom’s eternal love

Approximate rhymes
Close sound proximity
Is that poetry?

Birds whistle songs of
Spring heard by the naked ear
Cheerful, loud, and free

Sound proximity
Axle-grease and elbow time
Memories to find

Through the screen door
The view outside my window
Nature is calling

Truth in humor is
The first law of comedy
It’s absurd but true!

Running through meadows
My dream-self explores and plays
While the body sleeps

The poet emerges
From the depth of emotion:
Her natural state

Ode to Poetry:
I wonder in my Rhythm
What songs are in my
Soul, singing silently?

Waiting for these words:
“The dentist will see you now.”
I’d rather not hear.

How long will it last? Moist marine layer
Creates cool contrast to heat’s
Arid atmosphere

Dry plant needs pruning
Pink blossoms burned to copper
Release and let go

Mundane daily tasks
Stifle poet’s melody
Birds’ chirps continue

Transference of Blame: Scale must be broken
It registers gain of weight
Time for a new one

Swept the balcony
Accompanied by birdsong
Cheerful is the sound

I like haiku verse
Gives me time to think without
Taking from my purse

All work and no work-out:
Time to revisit the gym
Do stretches at home

One haiku a day . . .
Contemporary poets
Chase the blues away

Language arts tutor
Urges creative expression
From once silent voice

Fresh air, gentle breeze
A walk in my neighborhood
Exploring new ground

Green cactus plants look
the same until flowers bloom
different colors.

Poetry’s purpose:
Express and vent emotions
To share with others

Rampant random thoughts
Run amok while wandering;
Require reflection

Driving in the rain
Hearts sing for Mother Nature’s
Drenching driving rain

Birds of Paradise
Golden faces toward the sun
Sing their silent songs
No longer exists
Dad’s yummy candy kitchen
Just sweet memories
Quiet time alone
Rendezvous with ancient soul
View Love’s smiley face
The writer’s journey
Left brain, right brain ebb and flow
Energy creates

Leaves appear like lace
Silhouettes against the sky
At dusky twilight

Crisp leaves fall from trees
On parched, dry land to be crunched
And blown by hot breeze

Authors’ universe
Uplifting, encouraging
Reciprocal support

Summer Solstice Day
Old ending, new beginning
Future full of hope.

Beautiful flowers
Happy in their new abode
Bright yellow and pink.

Friend’s celebration
Live music, champagne and cake
Partying tonight!

Incredible dads
And father figures everywhere
Happy Father’s Day!

New growth adds to old
Fresh feel and color uplift
My cactus garden

Superstitious day?
Happy Friday the Thirteenth
Greetings of good luck!

California drought
Citizens, help save water:
Shower with a friend.

“A New Wind is Blowing”
Gusty winds invite
trees to dance to new tempo
in Nature’s disco

Outside my window
Yard crew meets wind’s challenge of
Man against Nature

Winds cause hell on wheels
Cars rock and roll on freeways
Three days in a row

Evidence of Spring
In East Texas Neighborhoods
Dogwoods in full bloom

Texas camellias
At Aunt D’s old residence
Reach toward the sky

Felt by creative artists
Can be a good thing

The writer’s process
Intimate and revealing
Personal and pure

Accentuate Love
Facilitate well being
It’s for you to choose

Soft pastel colors
Electrified with brightness
Make life colorful

Punctuate passion
Enunciate emotion
Paint pictures with words!

I bask in brilliance
When self-esteem is high
Courage calls my name

Inspiration nods
And just as quickly nods off
Awaken dear Muse

Everywhere I turn
I see reminders of You
Sathya Sai Baba

Rest in reverie
Breathe in sweet essence of hope
Rise up in wisdom

You better not stand
In the way of poetry
Ride like a fast train

Plants need to be pruned
Cut away dry, dead foliage
Make way for new growth

“Unexpected Therapy”
Discount on massage session
Just when needed most

Morning gloom has cleared
The sun shines in sky of blue
Adorned by white clouds

It’s only a dream
Why am I working so hard?
Must awake to rest

Grey clouds offer hope
Of wet, drought drenching raindrops
Falling on parched soil

Between laundry loads
I weave poetic silk threads
Within world wide web

“My Weekend”
Highlights in my hair
Part of lighten up weekend
Taking time for self

Olympic skaters
Show strength and technique in pairs
Elegance on ice

Be your own best friend
Mindful of self-talk and thoughts
Practice love of self

Relaxation time
Hot tub soothes body and soul
Outdoor reverie

Worries causing stress
Too many tugs on my time
Must eat more pasta!

Today’s journal page:
Some friends hard to understand
Love them anyway.

Meditative muse
Whispers from the depths of soul
Speaks with still, small voice

Walk in gratitude
Release all that hinders joy
Appreciate life

Lebanese Kibbee
Introduced to my new friend
Now friends for life!

Poetic License
Given with Love from Dream Muse
Expanded heart-mind

Happy New Moon Year
New beginnings and Choices
Embracing it all

Eating black eyed peas
Ole Southern superstition
Good luck all year long

“Wisdom Speaks”
Resistance to change
Causes disease and sadness
Yet change continues…

Exuberance spreads
Joy and purpose to others
Do a happy dance

Winter Solstice rites
Honor tradition and life
With food and ritual

La Luna smiles
As Mother Earth awakens
To new beginning

In and out of rain
Don’t want to go out again
Cozy warm at home

Brings new challenges and angst
Remember to breathe

Quick oatmeal cookies
A popular Christmas treat
Mother’s recipe

Breathtaking beauty
Autumn air feels crisp and clear
Sunshine follows rain

Grief comes suddenly
In unpredictable waves
Pain is eased with love

Recording artists
Are extremely hard workers
We listen with ease.

Wearing business hat
Producing songs for contest
Bucket list budget

Ring around the moon
Predicts the coming of rain
Full moon smiles tonight

Love for friend extends
Far across miles when sorrow’s
Time has come again.

Love for friend extends
Far across miles when sorrow
Rears its ugly head

In the driver’s seat
Going too fast for comfort
Through unknown terrain

PLR retreat
Alternate realities
Support seamless Truth

Retro Mercury
Communication snafus
Not gonna stop me!

Orange cones everywhere!
Cars are ants crawling uphill
One inch per minute

Man on balcony
Unexpected roof repairs
Endless hammering

Mosaic skyscape:
Patches of blue mingle with
Multicolored clouds

Rain came overnight
The sun is shining again
Freshness in the air

Random kindness acts
Becoming more prevalent
Show up in world news

New adolescent
Neither a boy nor a man
His birthday today

In celebration
With good cheer, laughter and friends
Make new memories

“Walking Meditation”
A gentle breeze blows
Peace with every step I take
A new flower blooms

My mind is at ease
I become the gentle breeze
Hope is in the air

The Soul searches to
Express in dissertation
That which Must be said

Walking with peace signs
Passersby honk and wave
It’s all about LOVE.

Penelope has
A perky pink parasol
With power to fly

Writing down my dreams
Takes discipline plus desire
For self-awareness

Writer’s group last night
Mind filled with inspiration
Night owl wide awake

Cleansing and purging
Release what no longer serves
Make way for the new

Family ties call
In vivid dream images
Pay attention now!

Hear the people speak
With voices to be honored
Democracy’s rule!

Before this contest
I had no Facebook presence
Now, I’m addicted

May it live forevermore
Bring an end to war.

“Poem for family”
When Adalyn needed prayer
Friends and family were right there
And God heard us

New Hope joined with me
In spiritual community
And God heard us

With love in our hearts
We each play our parts,
God always hears us

“The Red Bus” (from dream images)
Red bus filled with friends
From my place of origin
All calling my name

Play Compassion Games
Survival of the kindest
Winners everyone

Love is the answer
Churches and communities
Lending hands and hearts

Poetic license
Permission to play with words
Just for fun–haiku.

Bare feet love soft sand
Wind likes to mess up our hair
Friends enjoy beach time

Warm sand and cool surf
Tickle toes at Laguna
Wild waves ebb and flow

Group meditation
Sit quietly with others
Pray for Mother Earth

Summer heat wave melts
Chocolate bars in cupboard
It’s time for ice cream!

You must write haiku
When Nature stirs emotions
To poetic flow

Pink buds turning red
Nature’s humming bird feeder
Tasty cactus plant

Cactus plant in bloom
Stretching up toward blue sky
Rich pink buds bring joy

Gluten free delight
I’ll take chocolate day or night
Helps me think and write

Nothing ever lost
Eternal ebb and flow is
The rhythm of life

Sitting in the wind
In the window of time
Nothing on my mind

“Dream Haiku”
Behind a counter
Seeming poised and complacent
Stands a lonely friend

Behind a counter
Standing with an illusion
Crying out for love

An awkward moment
A counter creates blocks to

Things are not as real
As appearances would show
Behind the counter

A friend reaches out
To express her loneliness
In a way that’s safe