Longer Poems

Thoughts Are Things

Mike Phelan’s Musical Rendition of Lillian’s Poem.

Once upon a time, there was no time
And thoughts were manifested into immediate actions.
One’s thoughts brought ultimate satisfaction.
Instantaneous reactions created a boomerang effect.
It was glorious to detect.
People were happy in their own energy
The idea was simply to be . . .
With never a thought of not to be!
It was Utopia, you see.
We will get back to that reality
By thinking it and
So it shall be!

My Poetic Response to Sheltering in Place

(Lillian’s March 2020 Newsletter) https://mailchi.mp/ee3…/lillians-holiday-newsletter-2061482…

For All the Times . . .

For all the times I wished for more time,
I have it now.
For all the times I promised to slow down
Now’s the time to enjoy each moment.
For all the times I said I would call,
I joyfully reach out to loved ones.
For all the times I vowed to finish writing my play,
The time is now.
For all the books I’ve wanted to read,
It’s time to read them now.
For all the times I wanted to write more poems,
Now’s the perfect time for poetry.
For all the times I wished I had more time,
I have it now.
For the precious time I wasted with doubts or fears
I’ll replace with joyful intentions.
For all the times I binged on potato chips,
I’ll binge on TV shows instead.
For all those times I didn’t exercise,
It’s time to count those steps.
For all the times I hoped someone else would lead,
It’s time for me to step up and do my part.
For all the times I wished for more time
It’s time to use my time with love in my heart.
For all the times I dreamed of world peace,
Oh, God, I pray the time for peace is now!
With social distancing in our time,
Let’s fight for social justice instead of endless wars.


I Am the Dancer  (9-14-14)

I am the dancer

Standing in the shadows

Awaiting my turn

I am molded into place

Frozen with fear

Shackled by tradition

Naked and alone

I break free of barriers

I step out on the precipice,

Embracing my aloneness,

I dance in the air.

As I fall free to be me,

I risk the unknown.

I am the passionate dancer

Sweat pours from every pore

The beat moves my feet,

Unleashing frustration, and

Stamping out defeat.

The music plays for me

To dance my soul’s soliloquy.

I am the spiritual dancer

Music and movement merge

With the artistic urge.

Like a trance crazed fiend,

I act out each scene.

The Muses are amused

The drama masks unveiled

I am the audacious dancer!

What If?

What if there were no Contrast,
No night or day, but only grey?
What if no one had a claim to fame,
And there was no one to blame or shame?
What if there were no strife or conflict;
Would that be the end of wars?
What if life was filled with Joy?
Would we appreciate laughter
If there were no tears of sorrow?
What if the oyster had no pain or cause
To create the pearl?
Would the pearl cease to be?
What if the artist had no challenge to meet?
Would all art be the same?
What if all people were the same?
Would life as we know it continue?
What if I knew my purpose for this lifetime?
What if we all had the same purpose:
To love one another?
What if our love for each other was the same love
Manifested in as many ways as there are
Personalities in this world?
What if on any given day,
We all awoke from our slumber to live and love
To the fullest outreach of our inner beings?
What if we dared to love ourselves
As we loved our lovers?
What if we dared to love without a reason
For love other than to love for no reason?
What if there were no change of season?
What if there were no night or day,
But only grey?
What if?

I Am

I am a child of the universe
I hear the voices of loved ones
I feel peaceful when I go within
I want to follow my heart
I wonder if there will be peace on earth
I am a child of the universe

I pretend there is peace on earth
I feel the joy of pretending
I touch lives with my words
I cry at sad movies
I laugh when I’m having fun
I am a child of the universe

I understand we all have free will
I say positive affirmations
I dream there will be peace on earth
I write stories, poems, and plays
I hope to follow my heart
I am a child of the universe.


My word is REVERENCE
It came to me loud and clear
Better not ignore!

Reverence has Her own rhythm,
Dancing to music played by ear.
She sings the Muse’s hymn,
To those who wish to hear


Namaste is a Sanskrit word
Which speaks of Unity.
It’s a greeting and a way of being
One with all we meet.

When I behold the light in you,
I come from the light in me.
With my outer eyes I see
Our connected reality.

I hereby decree
Namaste for you and me.
I see you as you truly are:
A perfect child of the universe.

Let us know each other
From that place of oneness.
And dance in the sacred realm
Of our harmonious bliss.

I pledge allegiance to the Love within!
With open heart and mind I say,
Have a Namaste Day.

“Follow Your Heart”

Heaven knows no time and space
It’s very fleeting, very fleeting.
Capture it whenever you can.
Follow your heart and you’ll
Always be on the right path.
There are no mistakes.
Let your intuition be your guide
Whenever a choice must be made,
Whatever thoughts come to mind,
Do not equivocate!
Act before the answer fades away.

Heaven knows no time and space;
It’s very fleeting, very fleeting.
Capture it wherever you can
Know yourself and follow your heart’s desire
Have fun
No decision or choice is wrong
You have free will
To listen and be receptive
To the still, small voice within.
All your questions will be answered.
Open your heart to its celestial song.

“My Monkey Mind”

Peace, be still my monkey mind!
Pick one vine and take some time
To hang with me
Before scattering your energy
From vine to vine

Peace, be still.
Let your only movement be
To climb higher in the sacred tree
Of spiritual bliss and serenity
Monkey mind, be one with me.

“Life and Death, A Dialogue”

Mortal Life to Death:
Go away!
Come again when I’m old and gray;
Very, very old and gray.
Why do loved ones have to die?
Why do I?
How can Love let bad things happen?
Where was God during the holocaust
And the plethora of disaster
Both before and after?
Please don’t let my sweet friend die.

Death’s Answer:
You are so quick to plead for life.
All that you’ve been taught
About me, you’ve bought!
Death gets a bad rap;
Unjust and undeserved.
You take to grieving naturally,
Just like Jackie Kennedy.
Lift up the veil before your eyes;
Atone with me and realize
Your soul will rise to Immortality.

When Saint Paul said, “I die daily,”
He was bragging, not complaining.
His daily deaths were meditations.
They took him home to Light and Joy.
Death is a part of life you see…
The just reward that’s meant to be.

Mortal Life:
Why did innocents  have to die
In such a tragic way?
Why was their Light covered by
Darkness of mass murder?
Why must their families go on without them?
How can there exist such evil
In this world?

You mortals are free to choose
The way of light or darkness.
To gently touch a life
Or add tension and strife.
I am the resolution not the conflict,
The new beginning and the end.
The paradox of death is this:
It causes sorrow for those left behind
But moves the soul forward to eternal bliss.

“Walking Meditation”

A gentle breeze blows
Peace with every step I take
A new flower blooms

My mind is at ease
I become the gentle breeze
Love is everywhere