Meet the Author

Lillian Nader, M.Ed., is an author, playwright, and freelance copyeditor of Orange County, California. She is the author of Theep and Thorpe: Adventures in Space and the editor and coauthor of Muse & Ink: Soul Expressions Through Writing. Other publications include educational workbooks on cooperative learning in the classroom.

Lillian’s play, Blue Hair & Rap, was recently produced by New Voices Playwrights Theatre in a lively show of six one-act plays called Holiday Voices and published in the anthology, New Voices Holiday Plays 2019. Her children’s play, Tele-Toss: A Moving Experience, is published in New Voices Anthology of Short Plays 2020.

Her hobbies include reading, fitness walking, and the study of dreams. Lillian also writes poetry, including haiku.

In addition to imaginative wordsmithing, Lillian works as a freelance copyeditor of fiction and nonfiction books and stories. Creative writing and editing keep her up to date on the skills and craft of writing. Lillian’s life is never boring!

Writing Associations: (Author Showcase on SCWA, Southern California Writers Association.)


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Theep and Thorpe: Adventures in Space

A science fiction novel for young readers about a gifted teenage boy who communicates with enlightened space beings, Theep and Thorpe.

Muse and Ink: Soul Expressions Through Writing

Tips and exercises for creative self-expression to help writers find their creative spark and get their message out into the world in a supportive, intuitive, and playful approach to writing and publishing.

New Voices Holiday Plays 2019

Includes Blue Hair & Rap—a one-act play by Lillian Nader

Two elderly sisters express diametrically opposed reactions to Cool Mint and the Iced Juleps, who show up instead of the Dixie Delights to perform at the New Orleans Garden Society Christmas Dance.

New Voices Anthology 2020  

With Tele-Toss: A Moving Experience—a one-act play for children by Lillian Nader

Theep and Thorpe appear in a telepathy classroom on Planet Staruus and can be seen by students but not their teacher.

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